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French-Finnish Daycare

About us

Here is an opportunity for your child to learn French in an easy and fun way! We use the language immersion method and follow the guidelines of the Finnish pre-school education plan.

We offer a wide range of playful activities which are carefully chosen and adapted to the needs and natural rythms of each child, and we make sure they have plenty of time for free play as well. We support them in their learning process, and in their discovery of themselves, others and their environment.

Our holistic approach lays solid grounds for the development of each child :

      - Sensorial development (touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste)

      - Affective development (self-esteem, confidence, security)

      - Cognitive development (language, logic, memory)

      - Motor skills (gross and fine motor skills)

      - Social skills (sharing, rules of life, respect)

Our positive approach provides a strong foundation for the future learning of young minds.

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